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Metal works is excited to introduce a new product to the market - The Ezy Stile!

The Ezy Stile is an aluminium tread plate attachment that is fastened to a fence post on either side to allow for easy climbing over fences.

Why? You may ask...

Well climbing fences alone can cause damage or compromise the integrity of the fence line, and not only that, but there is potential for harm for the person climbing the fence by slipping on the wire or wet timber.

So.. Metal Works have designed and engineered the Ezy Stile for ease of climbing fencing safely.

The Ezy Stile is designed with two single aluminium folded tread plates, that are gusseted for stiffness and rigidity. Each one is provided with two stainless steel coach screws that are to be fixed into the post through to front of the plate, this creates an easy platform to stand and climb over the fence.

The Ezy Stile is simple, light weight, durable, inexpensive, high quality and engineered by a certified welder. inexpensive, high quality and engineered by a

Being fabricated out of aluminium and fixed to the post with stainless steel, they will not rust and continue to look good for years to come. The coach screws make for a strong and easy installation, and they are also easy to remove should you wish to.

Email us to order yours today!

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